God speaking, how can i help you?

"I'm getting really sick of this, i am going to tell you exactly what i told the last the clown before he reconnected me, i'm tired of being reconnected from one low ranking desk junk to the next fool who doesn't have any answers either. This has been going on for forty days now, and i've had it up till here with this waiting tune. I demand to speak to the manager!"

"Calm down now, there's no need to throw a tantrum. This is the manager speaking, what is all this about?"

"All i wanted was to get one simple question answered, that shouldn't be so hard, should it? But no one in this whole circus of idiots you have running the show seems to know anything."

"Considering that i am quite busy and on a rather tight schedule full of important stuff, could we skip all this cursing and pointing fingers and go directly to your question?"

"Okay. Sure. What's the point?"

"Love,    everything else is silly."