self portrait Dirk Herre

As this little bit of text is supposed to be about who i am and what i do, i will now try shed some light on that. To be honest, i don’t really know what i am, but i am at peace with that. Having a fixed idea of what you are can trap you in a specific mode of being and stop you from reinventing yourself, whereas a constant search ensures development. I’m drifting off again. Apparently it’s hard for me to describe myself without starting a philosophical debate about identity. So some factual information; I live in Leipzig, Germany. I just finished a master in climate science and have decided to refocus on art for a while. I think the topic of climate, or in a broader sense the relation between humans and their environment, is an important topic in my work. It is interesting to me how we influence the world around us, and how we in turn are affected by the world we have created. Humans as portrayed in my work are often estranged from nature and out of peace with themselves. My art might seem dark, but i am actually quite optimistic. I do believe that humans can reconnect and find peace in simply being, and being part of it all. That one day there will be no need for entertainment industries and ego wars, for then we will finally leave the dark ages behind. But then again, I guess utopia will always be there, just over the horizon.

Thank you for looking at my site, i hope you enjoyed it.